We strive to acquire properties below market value so we create an immediate equity enhancement for our investors. We do this by finding opportunities that are generally not listed on the open market and are therefore not subject to competitive bidding.  This is analogous to purchasing at wholesale rather than retail.  Specific properties are found through our network of property managers, professionals, and often simply by contacting owners directly.  We fully cooperate with real estate agents and advisors representing owners and respect their role in facilitating a smooth transaction.

Our goal is to acquire properties where we can make some traditional capital improvements such as interior remodels including new appliances and fixtures.  We also aim to improve immediate curb appeal through the use of exterior signage, contemporary paint schemes, and revitalized landscaping to increase the visibility and desirability to prospective residents.  So we look for properties that are well located, well constructed, but require capital improvements that the current owners can't or don't want to implement.

Intelligent Acquisitions -

THE key building block

of success.

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